CBC3 LW Week 1: Twin Typhoons vs Blood Eagle

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CBC3 LW Week 1: Twin Typhoons vs Blood Eagle

Post by Trihunter » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:13 am

Right, well, errm, fuck.

We hit for 6 damage on the chassis, so all we need to do is get a solid hit in. The challenge is approaching in such a way that Laz can't actually take out both of us before we can land a hit. Spin up and split up, go around the Danger Zone on the left side, though sticking sorta close to it. Try to keep forcing Blood Eagle to close in on us, towards the Danger Zone, then get a hit on the wheel either via sacrificing one Twin whilst the other's close, or by making them spin out and capitalising on it. Focus on positioning the duo in such a way that BE can't pinball them into eachother too easily. If one gets spun down from tanking a hit or the like, have them run away from BE to a safe distance before spinning up again, whilst the other plays more aggressively, trying to capitalise on the attack. If one goes out of commission, go hyper-aggro with the other, trying hard to get the killshot ASAP. If BE's wounded but still running somehow, play it a little more cautious, see if we can use one twin (whichever's in the worse position for attacking or worse for wear, make the sensible call at the time) to bait BE again whilst the other pressures for a killshot, or lure them into the hazards for more spicy damage. Prepare for any jank they try to force the duo too far apart from one another, but also try to avoid lining up a chance for a collateral kill.

Best of luck to the opposition, and I hope CBC goes better than the previous one.
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Re: CBC3 LW Week 1: Twin Typhoons vs Blood Eagle

Post by Madman » Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:45 pm

Blood Eagle: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon / 7 armour
Twin Typhoons: 13 speed / 1 traction / 1 torque / 8 armour (+2 teeth)

The facts of this match are pretty simple, and they don’t look good for him: I have enormous frontal and flank coverage. I do 6 damage weapon to weapon but take 2 and do 5 shock damage while taking 3. I have…a huge speed advantage, surprisingly. He only has numbers, which he’ll try to make the most of.

He doesn’t have the speed to properly bait (I can just catch him), outmaneuver/outposition/surround me, or follow up with the other bot if he does the, ‘sacrificial lamb’ thing, especially with the massive amount of recoil that the two spinners colliding will cause. The only real danger in this match is just numbers.

Since melties rely on their drivetrains to do damage, anything that messes up their flimsy chasses or jams/damages a wheel basically renders them inoperable. I do 6 damage, so I want to apply it to even the numbers game as quickly as possible. My weapon spins counterclockwise, unlike those of a lot of spinners, so I’ll drive rightwards around the danger zones and sweep as widely out as I can. If they’ve gone rightwards too (my left), then keep hugging that edge and come up from behind them. This outer approach is to avoid the possibility of a pincer movement and having one to either side. If I hold the outer edge, I can sweep inwards on them faster than they can reposition, hitting the one that’s closer to the outside/me and being spun away back the way I came by the recoil, while spinning my target towards the danger zones (which will mess up its melty system and traction) or its partner if Tri keeps them too close together. That's 6 damage. It’s either dead or seriously compromised.

The other is gonna be after me right away, but it’s only got 1 speed. Run shamelessly if I need to, in reverse with my weapon pointing at him if I have the time to position it properly. Just avoid the follow-up that’s his only obvious strat. Then, get some space, get up to speed, and /execute.

Don’t drive like an idiot, being too passive if we have incompatible plans, hanging out near the edge after 2:00 if this somehow goes that far, derping onto hazards, or not paying attention to pincer attempts and just giving one of them a free shot.

GL fam.
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