ICEcrown Semifinals: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs. Detroit Iron

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ICEcrown Semifinals: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs. Detroit Iron

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:24 pm

DHS (hammer): 2/1/1/18 (+4 turret)/8
Detroit Iron: 8/6(+1)/4/1/11(+1 plow)

So, the same things that worked last time should hold true again. My turret still has the speed to track him. My shape and ground clearance still make me very hard to actually control and push towards hazards. I'll be squirming and rolling on my circular edge, increasing the time it'll take for him to execute his inevitable hazard plan. In order to do so, he also has to stay in contact with me, which entails staying within range. 15 damage (because of the +1 bonus), meet 10 armour. Fire as often as I can. He's toast in a few hits and, if I hit his tracks, in less than that. Watch out for baiting and don't fire prematurely. Wait 'til you see the whites of their eyes and all. Firing the hammer will probably also jostle me off of his wedge, so try to get a hit in whenever he's getting me close to the hazards and use the recoil to help me escape.

Be as aggressive as a 2 speed bot can, except when he's working me into the hazards. Then, deliver the hit, get loose, and make a break for open space. Rinse and repeat.

Best of luck, little bro. Feel better.
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