ROBOT2 MW Bronze Playoff: Hati vs. Dredd

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ROBOT2 MW Bronze Playoff: Hati vs. Dredd

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:09 pm

Ears OFF, skids ON.

Okay, this is basically a pushing match. We’re very evenly matched in terms of drivetrain, with him having slightly better control and me having slightly better torque, and we both have 2WD wedges with sharp wedgelets.

Start out going at him head-on and avoiding any angle-in attempts. If I’m getting under him most of the time I can shove him around, obviously. If he’s getting under me… it’s more complicated. His scoop shape goes to vertical about halfway up, so our wedges should sort of lock together there. Hati has a lot of ground clearance at the rear, and can tip back well over 30 degrees without getting high-centered. I’ll still have both drive wheels on the ground, and I have higher torque, so I should be able to push him backward no matter who has the wedge advantage. He might shove me back with his punching bar, but it’s not at a good angle to flip me, and if he pushes me back hard enough to break contact I can dart forward and try to get under the bar before it retracts, which would put me in an even better position.

If none of this is working, do my best to angle in on the sides of his wedge. Shove him into the walls and pin him as much as possible.

Good luck etc. etc.

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