Magnolia Grande vs. Tongue Of The Fatman

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Magnolia Grande vs. Tongue Of The Fatman

Post by V900 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:20 am

EXTRA THICC plow setup yee yeet lets get this yikes chief or some shit

He actually has 15 weapon on each blade and not 16, so that's good. My main objective here is to not get my corners bitten off, which SHOULD be more than doable when I've got the +2 speed advantage and +1 control advantage. The giant fucking flipper helps too, meaning he'll be wasting a good 5-10 seconds either in the air or spazzing around whenever I flip him.

Go in, yolorush and be aware of any "angle in at the last second" jank he might try. Get in flips, don't let him land any hit on me that does not end in him getting flipped. Each flip WILL cause at least 2 flat damage (9 power flipper vs 7 armor- the engine does not get the same armor bonus as his blades) to his internals, and I can't imagine the gasoline-powered ICE engine nor the gear-driven, chain-linked treads will appreciate being tossed around like a ragdoll very much...

(and no, saying "my bot's shock-mounted bro" doesn't stop your statically-mounted motors from getting damaged. If you really tried shock mounting, say, the weapon motor, your weapon belts would just fall off whenever the motor's mounting moves around too much. Either you take damage from gravity or your weapons fall off. I'll let the writer pick MW's poison here.)

Aim for the OOTA zones if possible. Even him landing on the rails/hitting the sidewall and falling back in the arena should do more damage than just him hitting the floor each time.

gl hf

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