Der Metzgermeister vs Burger Princess

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Der Metzgermeister vs Burger Princess

Post by V900 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:41 pm

Armour: 6 (+2 front wedge)

Starting upside down and also rotated 30 degrees to the side. Spin my disc in the opposite direction, then drive forward. Stay away-ish from walls. Make a wide turn toward the opponent when he gets close (within 5 feet). Either I tear his face off with 8 corner damage or he manages to have his disc make contact with mine (not likely), in which case his breaks instantly because it's only 10 armor.

If he doesn't die on the first hit, do my usual thing of ricocheting into another fucking country (i.e. across the arena) and use the bought time to face toward the opponent.

gl hf

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