ROBOT2 FW QFs: Vorpal Bunny vs. Private Iron

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ROBOT2 FW QFs: Vorpal Bunny vs. Private Iron

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:17 am

Okay… Private Iron’s a little faster than me, but with equal traction that means he has poor control, and being a vert he also has to contend with very strong gyroscopic forces, so I should actually have the edge on maneuverability. I also have a pretty big reach advantage.

Spin up and get into the middle of the arena immediately, just in case he tries for a box rush. He’s going to have to come in and attack me eventually; wait for him to attack and respond accordingly. If he comes in head-on, turn a bit opposite my spin direction and try to either hit one of his wedgelets from the outside and tear it off or sideswipe his blade. The former could spin him around and flip him, the latter stands a good chance of disabling his weapon with a solid hit. If he tries angling into my spin direction, he’s trying to pull off a quick, precise maneuver with a -3 control disparity. Back off while turning in the same direction I spin: if he understeers neither of us will be in great position to attack, if he oversteers he’ll be wide open for me to drive forward again and hit his wedge on the side he turned away from. If he tries some sort of flanking tactics, rush in and hit him while he’s turned away from me: I may get a good hit on his side or cause him to panic and oversteer while trying to turn back towards me.

I may get launched around. Turn the weapon off until I’m back on my wheels, then immediately turn it back on and get the hell away from him / the walls, since after the first hit he’s probably going to go all-out aggressive. Once I’m at full speed again, repeat. Attacking a side that’s missing a wedgelet gives me a better chance of sideswiping his weapon.

If he’s fighting inverted for whatever reason, his control will be even worse and he won’t have a wedge. Juke around to try to get him to overcorrect and let me either sideswipe his blade or hit its supports. Even if he gets a good hit that drives my bar into the floor he’ll send himself flying out of control in the process, so he’ll have trouble following up.

Good Luck, and may the best robot win!

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