RoBattle Finals HW Week 1: Wetropolis

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RoBattle Finals HW Week 1: Wetropolis

Post by Trihunter » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:19 pm

Okay. Heian Alien is slow, but we can lift the body up enough to hopefully keep our chassis clear of the water, allowing us to proceed regardless of depth. Due to the jank movement and spindly legs, hopefully drag won't affect us much either! Gonna do the strat of drawing a map, though if it's clear I'm gonna get bogged down in the red or yellow, adapt to move around it.


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Re: RoBattle Finals HW Week 1: Wetropolis

Post by NFX » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:31 pm


Heian Alien is too slow to be of much concern, to distill it right down. Neuromancer's boat config is basically the wrong way up, forcing itself further down into the water, slowing due to the resistance and leaving it susceptible to flooding. Hercules has the same stats as MiDAS, so theoretically could be as fast, but its lower ground clearance means it will have trouble in the deeper regions, and its wheel design will grab water and slow it down due to resistance. MiDAS with bigger, smoother and narrower wheels will cut through the water easier, has more than enough clearance to remain dry, and the drivetrain behind it to set a very competitive time. And yes, this time I know to leave the arena by the same entrance I entered it. :v To that end, picture time:
WARNING: Large Image Contained Within
Displaying my route of choice, White arrows signify forwards movement, black ones signify reversing around the scoring bollards. Pretty much the same route as last time, which worked very well aside from my own not reading the rules correctly. =D No such errors here.

Avoid the hazard poles, obviously, the ones between the second and third bollards shouldn't be too close together to prevent me passing between them. MiDAS should be tall enough to avoid getting bogged down, manouverable and controlled enough to go where I intend it to go, and fast enough to set a strong time. Hopefully this combination is enough to win.

GL the rest!
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Re: RoBattle Finals HW Week 1: Wetropolis

Post by attackfrog » Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:58 pm

This event is most of the reason I gave Hercules these dorky legs, so I'm glad I get to finally use them! Herc's as fast as anything else in group, and should take basically no water damage. The only time any part of the chassis proper will be touching the water is in the deepest area of the pool, if then. Check out the album in my signup for a side-on view of Hercules that demonstrates this (also shown below.) So taking that into consideration, I have nothing to lose by starting in the southwest. I'll go for the southwest bollard first, of course, then up to the northwest one, avoiding the hazard poles, then right across to the northeast one. From there I'll head south, avoiding those hazard poles, and zip along the open area in the south, heading back west to my entrance. Herc's pretty speedy, so this should all go pretty quickly.

Good luck everybody!

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