RoBattle Week 7 LW Heat C: King of the Hill

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RoBattle Week 7 LW Heat C: King of the Hill

Post by NFX » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:24 am

Exactly the sort of event Override was designed for. Big wheels and big ground clearance should help me a lot here, plus I've enough Speed and drivetrain to get to one of my two-coloured mounds before the others can stonewall me by taking them down themselves.

With that in mind, take whichever of the two bots alongside me is the slowest, and go for the two-coloured flag I share with them first. Ensure I actually have a chance of winning. Once I've got that one, go for my single-coloured flag, which shouldn't cause too much trouble, then straight for the black flag in the center. If needs be, extend the saw arm out of the back of the machine and reverse up the hills, should my opponents be keeping up with me.

Best of luck to whoever else still RP's for this :v
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