Axtinguisher VS Neurotoxin

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Axtinguisher VS Neurotoxin

Post by GF93 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:00 pm

Argh, this one could be problematic. Neurotoxin's tough and has a decent drivetrain, but the lifter/clamp combination isn't exactly the strongest, and I've still got my mecanums and the more damaging weapon on my side. So I'll have to use some fancy footwork to stand a chance!

Move out quickly, ignite, and drive straight to start with to lure him into the middle of the arena. Then once he begins to get close, drift round to the side, whack him, and then accordingly dodge away from his wedge before he can get under. If he looks like he's about to get under, move away in a direction he can't easily follow me in (IE. to the side or diagonally-away if head-on), and counterattack with a hammer shot. If he lifts up too early, force my way underneath and drive toward his wheels (not the forks) to knock him off-balance and then hit him accordingly.

Also try hanging near the corner with my back to it and turn off the flame to bait him in close -- then as he drives in, sidestep around and behind him, pin him in by squashing him into the corner, and turn the flame back on and hit him a few times before he can escape. Basically, make use of my mecanums to keep constantly moving around and unpredictable with the moves he can't replicate, taking potshots at him with the axe whenever he opens himself up, and just generally capitalising on his lack of damage potential.

Defence mostly comes down to not letting him get underneath me at any point, and if he starts to get under, escaping and then counterattacking however I can. Be ready to reverse/drift away if he starts to get under, and ideally counterattack with a hammer shot(s) as he's lifting up. If he does clamp, turn off the flamethrower temporarily and use the hammer to escape. Keep away from the walls/corners unless I'm using them myself, and generally try to win on damage and aggression/strategy.

Good luck!

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