Private Iron VS Tree Surgeon

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Private Iron VS Tree Surgeon

Post by GF93 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:55 pm

Anti-Overhead Panels and Vertical Bar.

This machine has an interesting weapon set-up with the overhead saw bar, but it can't easily reach my body with the anti-overhead panels and my spinner in the way, we're not that different in terms of drive, and the armour's low enough for me to do some real damage to it with my spinner, or even potentially flip it.
So to that end, I should be able to be quite aggressive. Spin up immediately and move out quickly, and as I approach, ideally try to target the front corners of the wedge and/or the sides of the arm bracket to maximise my chances of flipping it and/or destroying the weapon setup respectively.

Keep spun up and well away from the walls/corners, move to intercept the weapon with my spinner the moment I see it about to drop it down on me at any point, and follow up on each big hit as best I can. If I flip them over, follow up and keep hitting them before they can self-right (if they can), and if they

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