Override vs. Revenge of Psychosprout

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Override vs. Revenge of Psychosprout

Post by NFX » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:48 pm

The most he can do is roll around, and he'll struggle for control with only one point of contact with the ground. My ground clearance and 4WD, plus superior Torque, should let me push him out the way if necessary. Keep the saw arm raised to smash glass.

Head to the top right, through the sandbox for big points off the bat. Flipper next, make sure to time it well. Rotate the saw arm upward again if I get flipped. Spikes after that, then the suspension bridge. Ground clearance and big wheels should help here. Rollers then push box next if they're left. Once the final panel is available, do what MiDAS did last week, position the saw arm upward slightly to push the doors near the top so I don't get tipped over myself. Grab the last pane, and that should be it.

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