Magnolia Pico vs Harbinger

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Magnolia Pico vs Harbinger

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:42 pm

1. He's in OHKO territory everywhere except his plow. Given how small his chassis is, everything has to be packed in there super tightly. There's no buffer space or weapon he can sacrifice. Even one hit should do something to hamper his functionality, leaving him more vulnerable to further blows.

2. He has an 11-7 speed advantage, but he's going to struggle to push a walker at more than 2 speed, and there's nothing to stop me from pivoting while he tries and bringing the pickaxe down onto him. I can also strafe, circle strafe, and vary my ground clearance.

3. His wedge is probably no more effective than mine.

4. If he uses his thwack head, it'll do no damage to me anywhere and knock me back all of one foot thanks to the weight bonus. If he employs it as a keepaway stick, it'll just slide up my wedge as I advance and give me a free shot at his chassis.


a) There are no hazards and he can't damage me, so I want to be as aggressive as I can. My sheer weight and the shock absorption of multi-jointed legs should minimize hammer-based recoil. Fire a lot.

b) Strafe and circle strafe to allow me to keep moving forward while keeping my weapon facing him. Basically, I don't have to passively pivot on the spot to try to stay facing him as the slower bot usually does. I can remain actively aggressive.

c) Just keep the pressure on him by moving through his attacks, staying mobile while facing him, countering, and seizing my opportunities.
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