Infrared vs Klarinette - R4 Quarterfinals

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Infrared vs Klarinette - R4 Quarterfinals

Post by BEES » Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:00 pm

Tiny vertical teeth.

Klarinette is all about that front. Magnolia Grande managed to defeat it by brute force. I shall try the other strategy of using shenanigans to get around/under the front, after which slashing those tracks will put an end to this bot's misery.

Start off wedge first and try to get under. We'll try a couple things.

First - Try to present my side briefly for him then turn and dig the wedge into his side if I get a chance. Only the front of his wedge presses. The front corners do not and are vulnerable. Keep approaching at an angle and be tricky.
Second - Try a head-on if that fails. The key for wedge battles is to inch forward slowly, getting the most press out of my ABR forks as possible. If he drives faster than me he'll fly over.
Third - If the wedge isn't doing it, try to catch his wedge when it's not pressing with my drum, particularly on the front corners.

There may be some failures at first but the prize at the end is a KO once I can either get under him, and take him to a corner to prepare him for a drumming. Unlikely he can go a full 3 minutes without getting hit at some point.

Good Luck


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