Honeycomb vs. The Gourmet

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Honeycomb vs. The Gourmet

Post by attackfrog » Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:58 pm

<big>The Gourmet
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For lighter obstacles, I'll drive through them backwards and just plow through. For heavier ones, I'll lift them up and dump them behind me as I continue on, by rotating my lifter so it's pointing backwards. If I run into Honeycomb, I'll try not to get hit by its axe, but I will try tipping it over in case it can't self-right. I'll then go on to smash that glass, as fast as I can&#33; I'm faster than Honeycomb, so hopefully I'll get through all this stuff faster than it can.

Good luck RobotWarsLuver, hope you show up&#33;

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