Hercules vs Barry Stanton Tribute Bot (Gauntlet)

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Hercules vs Barry Stanton Tribute Bot (Gauntlet)

Post by attackfrog » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:48 pm

Well Playzooki and his Barry Stanton bot are dead to ARC I guess so go me I guess!

Ol' Barry's not going to be moving much so I'll have to crash through all the barriers myself. Fortunately, Hercules has ground clearance for days, so it should be able to drive over rubble pretty easily, and it's got enough torque to push stuff out of its way as well. I'll keep its lifter low to act as a bit of a plow, not that that's likely to do very much.

As I pass Barry Stanton I'll pause to pick it up, hoist it over Hercules, spin around, and drop it over the side, then continue on. RIP Barry. He needs a proper Barry-al. Heh.

In the Forest of Glass I'll try to use my lifter to smash the glass panels and not my wheels, because while they are Extra Durable Foam (TM) there's no reason to take chances. I'll then smash the final sheet. Yay!

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