Override vs. Traposphere

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Override vs. Traposphere

Post by NFX » Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:01 pm


We're just as fast as one another, and he won't be able to damage me himself. Plus, my articulating saw arm can be used to make me trickier for him to control. My excellent ground clearance also means I should be able to keep some degree of movement if he grabs me.

Start backwards with the saw arm pointing fully backwards as well. Head out to meet him, keep the saw pointed at him, then move in and start slicing him up wherever I can reach. When my saw arm reaches his claws, they'll likely make contact and keep my saw in place, in which case I can continue causing him damage. If he does swivel around the side of the saw arm, then reverse myself out of there before he has a chance to grab it. If he does get a hold of the saw arm, I'll still have some wheels on the ground, and can rotate my chassis downward to take one of his wheels off the ground and leave him only able to spin in circles. If he instead lifts us with the Rogue forks of his, I'll instead rotate my chassis upward to overbalance him and tip him onto his back. I could end up holding him on top of me with my saw arm from that position if I'm lucky, in which case deposit him on the killsaws, hopefully slice up his weak wheels. Eventually he'll have to let go, I can then reposition my saw arm properly and return to causing him damage.

Keep the saw pointed at him, and absolutely do not let him get to my chassis. Keep the fight in open space as much as possible, avoiding the walls and hazards. Let my own saw cause all the damage in this fight. If my saw arm somehow goes between or past his claws, and he's able to grab my chassis that way, then I'll slow the saw and rotate the arm down into the ground. This will prise both his wheels off the ground and prevent him taking me anywhere, even if he lifts us up with his forks. Only lower the arm when he lets go, then zip away to regroup. Keep the saw pointed at him, keep to open areas, keep slicing him up. Utilise my arm to prevent him controlling me effectively, hopefully I can outfox him here.

Good luck, Drew, and may the best bot win. =)
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