Heartbreaker vs Arms of the Law

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Heartbreaker vs Arms of the Law

Post by patrickrowberry » Sun May 27, 2018 5:57 am

my bot will have a large poll stuck on the main body to hit the panels

tactic run away from him asap don't let him get to my wheels

go first for the
-Suspension Bridge do it backwards to give me as much ground Clarence as possible
then go for
-Lifting Spikes bot rush as they go down
then go for
-Rollers do it in revers serve between the wrecking balls make sure to go though 1 wrecking ball the one way and then the other one on the return journey
then go for
- Sandbox do it in revers giving me the most gorund clrence donj't get bong down and pray i don't get stuck
lastly go for the
-final pannel do it head on using mr arys to get leverge and push it down

good luck

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