Infrared vs Klarinette

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Infrared vs Klarinette

Post by BEES » Fri May 25, 2018 4:45 pm

Oh nice, I'm fighting my favorite robot this week.

Spinners that face these kinds of bots have two options... dump as many points as they can on the weapon to break the big wedge, or use shenanigans to get around the big wedge and damage the soft goodies behind it. I like to take the second approach. I'm wary of over-committing myself to one strategy.

So I shall approach with the forks and try to out-prioritize that plow with them. When I drive forward with the wedge the forks will press, and when I reverse they lift up, so the key is to line up a slam, and drive straight under. The forks are pressing on a smaller area so they should be able to outprioritize that big wedge.

I'm playing for a KO here so a few failures at the start are okay. So long as I eventually win the wedge exchange and get under, I can take him to a hazard, then swing around and deliver the goods with the drum, and that'll be that. The drum has enough power to kill those tracks in one shot. Bonus points if I flip him he's weakly invertible and will take ages to self-right.

Good Luck

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