Electric Aggression vs HIRicane

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Electric Aggression vs HIRicane

Post by British-Robotics » Thu May 10, 2018 12:42 am

Oooh a HIRicane! Too bad it's not a herp derp :P. Alright so I'm dealing with a ring spinner that looks bloody deadly and it will spell disaster If I don't somehow kill this HIRicane. (I swear that's a spelling error!). Anyhow, first thing I really want to do is use my jaws to immoblize the ring spinning weapon but I don't want to use the jaws just yet since I need to first kill-off the spinning speed. I should be able to catch up the HIRicane to the other side of the arena without haste, once I do, immediately go for some brutal slamming on the arena walls.

I also want to leave the jaws open just so I can get underneath my opponent and aim to stop that blade from spinning and against the wall and treat my opponent like a sliding hockey puck and a spinning top since the traction on my opponent is dreadful.

Once the weapon of HIRcane has slowed I can then close the jaws, his weapon should be immoblized once my jaws clamp stopping the blade from spinning. I'll carefully take him to the spinning blade hazards and ease my driving as I head toward s those hazards.

Good luck and may the best bot win

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