Narcissistic Hot Shot vs Dysprosinator

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Narcissistic Hot Shot vs Dysprosinator

Post by British-Robotics » Thu May 10, 2018 12:22 am

This'll be flipping fantastic...see what I did there :V. Anyhow, I'm facing against a powerful flipper which is a threat but my lifter is also a threat, I can get under Narcissistic if I press my lifter down, get under the slightly open gaps from the front and raise him off the wheels by activating my lifter, Narcissisrtic's flipper however has no sort of blade on the front to actually get underneath me so I'll certainly take advantage over this.

I can catch him up thanks to Dyspro's traction advantage and a bonus because he has tracked locomotion so I'm able to angle in quite well and press my opponent to death, I want to waste the Co2 on my opponents flipper also and tire him out by constantly turn him turtle.

Good luck an may the best robot win.

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