Pinstripe vs. HIRricane

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Pinstripe vs. HIRricane

Post by attackfrog » Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:46 pm

I'll use Mecanum Power (tm) to keep my spinner facing HIRricane at all times, and try to approach it such that, if it is spinning, our weapons collide and HIRricane is knocked backwards by the impact into one of the hazards. I'll keep doing this until I have a chance to hit and smother HIRricane while it's still spinning up, or until it takes enough damage that it starts having trouble spinning up.
I'll of course try my best to not get myself deflected into hazards, but as I have 3 traction and HIRricane only has 1 I think I'll have an advantage there.

Welcome back, Pyro, on the off chance that you do come back.

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