Nick's Fuzzy Rules vs Yellow Buzzard

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Nick's Fuzzy Rules vs Yellow Buzzard

Post by Archangel » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:34 pm

NFR: Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 4 / Weapon: 2 (Arm) / Weapon: 1 (0+1 weapon bonus - saw) / Armor: 11 (forked wedge)
YB: Speed: 7 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 3 / Armor: 11 / Weapon: 4

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same speed, I have better control and torque. this is the kinda fight that will go all the way courtesy of us both having 11 armor so I need a plan to win for the long term.

first let's go head-on, see whose wedge is better. I have less wedgelets so it's probably me, but that's kind a up to you mr writer.

If I've the better wedge, continue to force head-ons. If I don't, start angling in - with his long body and worse control I can probably pull it off.

If I'm completely not able to pull things off with my usual wedge, press with the arm and try and get under him with that. he can't get under me if he's inverted :V . I can potentially utilize the arm as a lifter even if I am getting under him with other things, if the situation presents itself (for example, if my arm was all the way forewards due to having to right myself, I may as well try using as a lifter) - just kinda go with the flow there.

regardless, once I get under, bring down the POLISHING WHEEL OF DOOM and pin him in a corner or something. bonus points if I can get him under the hammer, but avoid the spinner since it won't do much other than shove him out of my grips. if he's somehow able flip my arm to fuck me up when I'm pinning him, stop using the arm :V

if he gets under me, immediately j-hook off to a side to either bait the flip, or at least avoid him getting a good flip off on me. if he only flips the very edge of my wedge, it's likely with his low weapon power that he'll just tip me back, and my arm will prevent me from going all the way over. don't let him get a good flip off on me, I'm not invertable so he can take advantage of it to chain flip me.

Keep the aggression high throughout this whole match btw, especially if I'm clearly losing: this is functionally a 2 categories of JD fight (because lol damage), so even if he controls me for a lot of the fight I could still take it just off of aggression.

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