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Fenrir vs Froral Fury

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:31 pm
by Wolf51-50
So he's got 16 weapon, but 9 armor? Time to destroy the drum again :V.

Drive aggressively, and aim to hit him with the drum head on (apply it to the forehead). +6 on the drum = ouch my bones. But...+7 to his melty ring =☠️. I'm hoping that the hit will dent his ring enough that he can't spin anymore. Cause if we both take out each other's weapons, I'm the one that has wedges to push him around for the rest of the fight.

If my weapon is dead but his is still going, keep taking hits on the drum until it's off the supports (in which case pick the drum up and push it into him). Try to make him self KO from that point onward. If his flails hit my wheel on top, remember that I have separate wheels on top and bottom, so it won't hurt the drive. Avoid hazards.

Good luck