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Anti-Virus vs. HIRricaine

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:27 pm
by That Kode Guy
15 weapon, huh? Guess what that means... plow-first.

I have a huge drivetrain advantage and perfect control, and even though he's got tracks, a 1+1 traction value combined with 4 speed means he can't make any fancy manoeuvres. Now let's see, mecanums, right? Yeah this guy is pinballing. A lot.

Take advantage. Box rush the shit out of this guy with the plow, make damned sure all he gets are flat-surface hits (i.e: center of the plow or near it) and watch him bounce, while paying attention to where he'll eventually end up. Then it's off to the hammers with him, particularly the pointed end ones. If he doesn't bounce, okay cool. Pulverizers it is. :V

I honestly really don't need more to it than that. If the plow somehow goes, I'm dead so yeah. :V

Oh yeah, and don't drive over hazards or get baited to them like a dumbshit. :V