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Neophyte Redglare V.S Nightmare Of Chimera

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:34 pm
by Sylandrophol
Using the pure w0dge setup.

Hellhound klones are dumb. But then again, so am i. Do i care about this tournament? Truth be told, i'm a dumbass non-binary person that forgot all about it. :v:

They are faster than me, but try to prevent them from zoinking me by pressing down my w0dge whenever they get near me. Attempt to push them around the arena, by lifting my wedge up if i get under them, attempt to pin them and be aggressive as all hell because this is pretty much inevitably going to be a snoozefest of a match. J-Hook ASAP if wedged, keep my front facing towards them, and attempt to angle in whenever i can. You know the deal.

Keep the odds in my favor, this match in my control, don't get too cocky, play it wise, and watch for shenanigans, and monkey business, and avoid the hazards when necessary.

Good Luck!

Neophyte Redglare V.S Nightmare Of Chimera

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:33 pm
by Trihunter
Syl is using the wedge as declared.

Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 2
Weapon: 3
Armor: 12 (+2 front wedge)

Speed: 8
Torque: 4
Traction: 8
Weapon: 1
Armour: 9, +2 to the plow

I have the speed and pushing advantage, how fun! Box rush immediately (Well, by box rush, I mean get down there as quick as possible without driving over the flippers :v: ), keep the wedge pressed down constantly, to prevent them slipping under, hopefully. If I do ride up the wedge, just tilt the plow to get sufficient traction against those little wedges to slam them around anyway, monstertrucking if the grip isn't enough. Try to shunt them into the walls near the OotA zones, and the floor flippers, aiming to, of course, avoid them myself. Keep being aggressive, always moving, rushing down and pushing them from the front, back or side, whichever becomes available easiest. If lined up properly to do so, and my plow's underneath them, try pushing them at full tilt towards an OotA wall whilst lifting the plow, to try to tip them up and over it. Try to keep them away from my own sides, using the plow to try to work myself free if I get caught.

Good luck to the opponent.