Klarinette vs Golden Blaze

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prince palatine
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Klarinette vs Golden Blaze

Post by prince palatine » Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:54 am

First thing that I notice here is that I have the much faster robot, which should mean fingers crossed that I can scream across the arena at him before he's at full speed. With the torque advantage and traction too, I should win almost any pushing match against him. Whilst his weapon is damaging, fingers crossed I should be able to tank it to get the win.

- From the off, try to get at him at full speed from the off. Have the scoop low but not quite pressing down. He doesn't have the speed or control to full outrun me, so if he attempts to flank me, use my advantage to cut him off at the pass.

- Once the initial hit has been tanked, press the plow and get right underneath. There isn't many hazards to take him too, so the best bet will be to drive forward and lift, tipping him up and over on top of a flame jet. Sure he has a self righter, but it'll waste precious time for him to right himself and will take damage from the fires, giving me some needed damage points.

- Another tactic I can try is to drive him into the flippers and launch him around, or try to ram slam, lift him up and pin him in the corners to milk the clock.

- Defensively, don't let him get anywhere near my sides. Only give him the scoop to eat, and then some. Avoid the hazards and any hazard baiting tactics and don't let him try to flank me, always turn to face him.


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