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Redemption Denied vs. Micro Cuts

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:53 pm
-Hey an overhead saw! Luckily his weapon power is only exactly equal to my armor so I don't need to worry about getting cut in half instantly!

-If he's using the teeth wedges, try to angle in on them, get under him, and the start a flipping clinic and toss him around the arena. Try to bully him into a corner where the hammer can work on him and possible cause some damage to the saw arm.

-If he's not using the teeth wedges, well that "wedge" of his is so ridiculously steep that i should have no trouble out-wedging him no matter what. Again, flip him around and work him into a corner.

-If he's not using the wedge side/just approaching me saw-first, try to get around it and wedge him. Even if I have to tank a hit, it's not powerful enough to be of immediate worry, and my wedge is shallow enough that it'll be harder for him to get a good bite on it anyway.

-So keep my front facing him at all times and try to get in as many flips during the fight as I can. Don't let him bait me to hazards.

Good Luck!