Sekhmet vs. Magica

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Sekhmet vs. Magica

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:47 pm

Normal Config, skids OFF please.

Spin up, moving out at an angle around the killsaws to avoid a box rush, and get in the middle of the arena. Focus on keeping my disc pointed at him, and make fairly wide turns and/or reversing turns to avoid wheel lift at inconvenient times. He's got a very fast drivetrain and mecanum treads, so he'll probably be strafing all over the place trying to get to my sides. If he's not actively going for my sides, he's probably trying to matador me, so fake an approach and stop a couple feet away to bait that out.

He's quick enough that he might be able to get to my sides, or at least angle in, and get under me some of the time. If he does so, immediately try to J-turn or gyro-turn away and reduce the "bite" he has for a flip. But head-on, since he's a flipper he can't press his wedge, so I should be able to get under him. Hitting the tip of his wedge will severely bend or even remove it, making my life much easier after I get the first hit. Try to chain hits if possible, preferentially targeting his treads. His wedge is useless inverted and his flipper's shape makes his self-righting ability questionable, so he may run for the wedge wall or wall drums to help self-right; try to intercept this.

If he keeps getting to my side, then as a last resort retreat to the spike strip walls and keep my back to them, making it harder for him to flank me. Aggression won't be enough if I can't hit him, and I can go on the attack more once I've shredded his wedge to the point where angling in is ineffective for him.

Other than that, stay away from the hazards, wait for a good hit, and go for the knockout.

Good luck etc. etc.

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