Hellhound IV vs The Raven Mk.2

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Hellhound IV vs The Raven Mk.2

Post by Madman » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:30 am

Hellhound IV: 9 speed, 8 traction, 3 torque, 1 weapon, 9 armour (+2 plow)

The Raven Mk.2: 8 speed, 6 traction, 4 torque, 0 weapon, 12 armour (+3 plow)
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Hellhound is a better version of The Raven. Use my superior drive train to angle in on his wedge and get underneath. He has a small static wedge on the back that is clear in his album, so high-end him on it. Smash him into walls and once or twice into hazards just for points. If he wedges me, j-hook away immediately and use that to take him from the side. If he tries to j-hook away, turn with him and then turn it into an S-turn to keep him on the wedge. Try to high-end him on his enormous plow. If I get flipped, keep driving and just rotate the plow around. Drive smart, stay aggressive, adjust. The usual.
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Good luck fam.
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Hellhound IV vs The Raven Mk.2

Post by Toxic » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:39 pm

Though I am a bit more sluggish, it's not too bad. Keep my plow facing him and try to keep up with him. Wait till he makes a mistake and get to his side. If that doesn't work start ramming the shit out of him to try to get his wheels of the ground.

If either strategy proves successful do what I usually do and slow the match down by ramming and pinning.

Good luck