Outrage vs Tiki Dude

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Outrage vs Tiki Dude

Post by Wolf51-50 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:55 am


Teeth: Flame on!
- Corners galore
- drum is a bit small

- spin up to full speed Drive around if needed
- Once at full speed bite into a tasty corner on body
- If this would not work, force weapon 2 weapon hit
- weaponless? Use fire to try and burn the tiki
-Strafe and push into hzds
- keep disc facing
- Is he driving inverted? Aim for the rods that grant invertibility
- strafe about to try getting to his sides and to confuse him
- If possible strafe at the last second to avoid drum and hit supports. Ignore this if it would not work
- If W2W hit is successful spin up and follow him anywhere except for hzds and Outa zone

Good luck Adam
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Outrage vs Tiki Dude

Post by Toxic » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:27 pm

Essentially all I can do here is spin my drum up and go at him. Give him a big ol' hit to pop him up in the air and then drive forward to do damage to his underside. Make sure my hits are not glancing, but full frontal hits.

Just stay on on him so if I can get his blade stopped I can inflict even more damage.

Good Luck

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