Team Mongoose - El Chupacabra vs. Team Gemini - Tellu

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Team Mongoose - El Chupacabra vs. Team Gemini - Tellu

Post by NFX » Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:34 pm

+ Both our machines are four-wheel drive, but I have an extra point of Speed in hand. I should therefore be faster and more manouverable than the cannabis witch during the fight. Tellu is, and always will be, the cannabis witch. Fuck you Kody.

+ Torque is very mine, and I am hoping the wedge war will be equally favourable to me. I should therefore be able to push Tellu around as much as I like whenever I get under her, which I'm hoping I should do often.

+ I have 10 Armour, which should be able to withstand her axe, and should she flip me, then Chups works exactly the same either way up. My lifter has a good opportunity of taking control of Tellu, turning her over, or just generally being a nuisance with.

> Utilise my extra Speed and better wedge in this match. Keep the lifter pressed into the ground a little to hopefully slip underneath her more often, and from there lift her up and off the ground, maybe toppling her over. If I can overturn her, then I'll try and press my lifter into her underside to prevent her self-righting, and then start pushing her around the arena, ideally towards the hazards. Killsaws might work here, if I can keep her pressed down into them, but Pulverizers would also be good for sheer damage potential. If she should get under me, then I'll obviously try and escape. Maybe I'll try to use the lifter to push against her chassis and shove back if that's at all possible. If she does manage to flip me, then I can work just as well inverted, so blah. Keep my front pointed at her, and don't let her at my sides. Lift, shove, overturn, hazards, that's about it.

Good luck, Chris, and may the best bot win. =)
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Team Mongoose - El Chupacabra vs. Team Gemini - Tellu

Post by Area51Escapee » Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:59 am

I assume he'll be using the fork wedge setup since it looks to be the easiest to get under opponents.

Stat-wise, he