Crime Scene vs Purin II

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Crime Scene vs Purin II

Post by TDG does ARC » Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:09 pm

Something tells me I made a grave mistake not entering an anti HS config into this tourney, but whatever gonna try and make the best out of this. So the fight starts, I have been told by the higher ups a box rush probably won't work so we need to get creative, and perhaps a little cowardly, Purin has an 8 point weapon to armor difference and something tells me that massive bar won't count for a 4 point armor bonus, so Purin is literally 5 shots away from killing it's own weapon and I just have to waste them or make sure it can never use it fully, the plan is to run out and hang near the screws, that bar is massive so the hope is when he tries to hit me he ends up hitting the screw instead, and unbalance himself like crazy, by the time he gets back on the ground I can easily be on him in a split second and grab a couple of chain hits preferably near the OOTA walls so I can throw him up and over and end this quick by KO.

If I cannot get him over the wall for any reason I'm abusing the Jake Ewert strat and just not backing off more than a few feet at any point, if he can't spinup I have good wedge placement and a good weapon with 3 points to his armor, tossing him up over and around wherever I can and never letting him get spun up and win by a convincing JD.

In the case the initial attack doesn't work and he does not hit the screws I have enough speed to back out and avoid getting hit too hard, and I can spend the next few seconds trying to either bait him into the screws again or towards the angled sidewalls which should also send him flying, so what if it's not aggressive I'm a dead man walking if I try to go toe to toe so I want to play this smart, also just so it's here and not up for debate any time I'm not grabbing chain hits I'm spinning a bit lower to avoid any major gyro that he could take advantage of. Good luck Moz : )
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Re: Crime Scene vs Purin II

Post by moziet » Thu Jun 10, 2021 12:13 pm

Finally, a familiar bot B)

PuriN II

Crime Scene

The fight should play similarly to Tiamat, but worse because the arena is box rush friendly. When the fight starts, do what we always do. Spin up, go the opposite way of where they rush. Once about 70% spun up, we trudge to the arena's center, but mostly staying away from those wall drums.

Here's the twist. The different between Tiamat and Crime Scene is that they indeed have an exposed motor! Spin our bar in the direction of that motor, and hopefully bust a hole in it (and someone's poor wallet). Always stay spun up and moving. Make ourselves as hard a target to hit as possible.

Once the wall lowers to 3 ft., shift strategy to avoid the Razor more. If we manage to outwedge them, amazing! Use that oppurtunity to drive them towards either the Exes or the Flings. Preferrably the Flings, because if they get flipped over, their need for a srimech allows us to spin up for a bit and wham on those tasty back wheels. In fact, take any oppurtunity to wham on those back wheels! They're one of the only things preventing me from dragging Crime Scene wherever I please. If the wedge game doesnt play to my favor, back up and use my weapon's torque to spin away and hopefully get a better oppurtunity.

All in all, pray. This is a harder fight than the 2nd seed because its practically the same design in a worse arena. Good luck, TDG!

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