Dirty Dozen Third Play Playoff: Skoll vs Death Metal

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Dirty Dozen Third Play Playoff: Skoll vs Death Metal

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:34 am

Starting upright, using scythe blade set to spin COUNTERCLOCKWISE.
Yeah, let’s just go for it. Even stats, similar weapons, let’s just make a good show of it.

Shaba’s using the toothed bar, which actually works out nicely for me. The teeth are hardened steel but the bar itself is probably aluminum and pretty soft. I want to spin opposite her. We’re probably about the same tip speed so we’ll both mostly give each other light hits on the backs of each other’s weapons. However, Skoll’s weapon has rounded trailing edges so that a blade that hits the back of my teeth should glance off horizontally. Death Metal’s bar has trailing edges that are BEVELED to reduce aerodynamic drag, but this means the lower half of her blade acts as a reverse wedge. She’s also got a thicker bar and it rides a little bit higher. I think we’ll still make contact, but I’ll probably be hitting the lower half of her bar, which means my tooth will either dig into the softer material and take big gouges out of it, or it’ll bounce off and deflect her upward!

I want to try to destabilize her and send her into either a gyrodance on her rear (which will give her almost no control due to her wheel placement) or the famous Tombstone Flipout. Either one will leave her extremely vulnerable. Rush back in and try to either hit her in the chassis while she’s gyrodancing or smack her while her bar’s slowed/stopped after a flipout. Skoll’s weapon is basically a giant hook, and it’ll be devastating against either her tube frame chassis or her wheels. If she goes inverted, do NOT let her spin back up.

If I can’t deflect her, having two counterrotating weapons with nearly the same tip speed should avoid having really gigantic hits that break everything, but I’ll be chewing up the trailing edge of her bar. If I catch the END of her bar I might also be able to hit one of her teeth in a way that applies a load pulling it out of its socket. That’s the opposite direction it’s meant to be loaded and there’s nothing but bolts holding it in, which are easy for spinners to break. If she loses a tooth she’ll vibrate a lot and probably lose some weapon speed, letting me win the tip speed war.

If all else fails, spin2win.

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Re: Dirty Dozen Third Play Playoff: Skoll vs Death Metal

Post by Shaba117 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 1:15 pm

Using toothed bar, starting inverted

Well, isn't this a mirror match? Same stats, similar designs...

But, I have more reach with my weapon and both of our weapons spinning counterclockwise will produce more MOI. I'll hit first and I'll have the MOI. The toothed bar also has more area to hit versus Skoll's thinner, angled blade.

Spin up and head for the center of the arena. If Skoll comes right out for me, I'll go with the patented Ray Billings move and bait with the rear/wheels and draw Skoll in to get that juicy first bite with my weapon. But, I imagine that HFL aint falling for that, so, advance towards Skoll slowly and let my weapon reach advantage help me. I don't need to go charging into Skoll's face and take a weapon hit that I don't need to take...be patient (and don't fall for any baiting on their side, either). If I get the first hit, recover as quickly as possible and wail on 'em before they can recover/get fully spun up again. Then it should be game over for Skoll.

Try to stay away from the wall drums as much as possible. I lost to Listen here, Grandad because of them. True, I *cannot* control where my robot goes after big hits, but I will try my best to minimize the impact damage, such as powering down the weapon when airborne and out of control to minimize any further recoil/potential impacts with the arena hazards.

If by utilizing the above tactics results in both of us being shy and afraid to dance and it's coming down to the final 30 seconds, then charge straight in and hope I come out on top!


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