Zwischenzug vs Grey Squirrel

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Zwischenzug vs Grey Squirrel

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:11 pm

Zwischenzug: Speed: 6 Traction: 5 Torque: 1 Weapon: 12 Armour: 6
Grey Squirrel: 5 Speed / 4 Traction / 1 Torque / 13 Weapon / 7 Armour
Use my speed to my advantage and his more powerful weapon that’ll gyro more than mine. To reduce my own gyro I will lower spinning speed slightly when angling in on him, I have the ground clearance to do more acrobatics moves and my more centrally positioned wheels will mean I’m better at turning, having his wheels right at the back and a low ground clearance means he’ll have to drag all that weight at the front which won’t be good for his agility. He has more sticking out of the sides with those Wedgelets and eyes, all stuff I can bite onto and toss him around by, each knock from angling in should turn him away, exposing his side to me, possibly those wheels. Whack those bulkheads of his, warping/damaging them which in turn will really mess up his drum, especially seeing as his pulley(s) are inside them, meaning they are delicate and easy for me to whail on. He simply doesn’t have the ground clearance, nor the right design to gyro himself back up when flipped, being too wide, meaning if I do flip him, I can really just wail on him. I’m going to juggle him into the Tandoor, using my speed to my advantage, when he’s constantly flung into the air and slower, it’ll be hard for him to escape. If I am flipped, I’ll use my superior speed to distance myself then gyro back onto my wheels. Try knocking him into those spikes on the walls to keep him stuck up there, not having the ground clearance to escape. Make sure to keep the drum spun up and facing him at all-times, revving up when it comes to weapon to weapon hits I’ll be winning if his bulkheads are already damaged.
Best of luck

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Re: Zwischenzug vs Grey Squirrel

Post by attackfrog » Sun Sep 20, 2020 9:40 am

Late, fuck. If you are feeling generous give this RP some consideration. Otherwise it's my own fault.

The squirrel is a mite slower but it's more powerful and better armored than its evil twin here. The difference in speed isn't so great that Zwischenzug will have anything but the smallest chance at flanking Grey Squirrel, so we're almost certainly going to be going weapon-to-weapon the whole time. And that's where I have the advantage: I'll be doing more damage each hit and launching Zwischenzug farther if the hit is right. Moreover, my drum should be spinning faster due to the higher power, so I should get better hits.

My strategy will be to wear down my opponent, trying for a (killing) shot at its chassis whenever possible, and being careful to avoid giving Zwischenzug that same opportunity. If we keep going weapon to weapon, as the more powerful and durable bot I'll win out. I'll avoid the tandoor of course and knock ZZ Top in there if I can. Neither of us have the torque to push each other in there though.


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