Thundersnow vs Long Arm of the Law 2

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Thundersnow vs Long Arm of the Law 2

Post by patrickrowberry » Tue Sep 15, 2020 5:36 pm

him: Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 4
Weapon: 3 (180-degree Lifting Scoop driven by geared electric motors, with attached rack-and-pinion forks for extra stability.)
Armour: 10

me: 7,7,3,3 (2/2),10

so very little separates are bots I have better control but he has a bit more pushing power but in realty this is almost even and mostly down to driving

his lifter can get under me but my odd shape makes it hard for him to do much unless he goes head on as as can driver off with my long body

he has no way to escape my grab

start: face side ways arms open and paly dead when he comes reverse then strike like a venues fly trap ramming him to a wall even if I hits my side it is very easy for me to escape and get a angle in,

don't go head on try get to his sides or let him take my sides as its easy for me to escape grab when possible make it as aquard and unpredictable of a fight for him as his lifter is so shallow its very easy to slip of and turn out with my long body letting me get to his rear or side for more grabbing and more ramming

when pinned hold him make my rams more effective and make waste his tame trying to chase me
this is going to the judges so I want control points pins are better him doing not much is not really

very odd start but my bot is very odd


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Re: Thundersnow vs Long Arm of the Law 2

Post by GF93 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 7:56 pm

Default Config, All Teeth.

Cops and Robbers, SHW edition! LAOTL2 has an interesting triple-clamp weapon setup and a good drivetrain/armour, so I can't take him too lightly. However, whilst we're matched for top speed, I'll reach mine faster through my torque and have the upper hand in shoving matches, especially with my much larger, more reliable wedge and far less exploitable ground clearance compared to all the space underneath his side arms and corners/sides of the wedge. He'll also find it very difficult to grip Thundersnow's sloped bodywork (with the weaker weapons and when I can consistently get underneath/flip), and if I flip him over, he'll be in deep trouble due to the questionable self-righting ability and me being fast enough to stop him escaping even if he tries to.

Seeing as I can get him from most areas besides the wedge, I'll want to be predominantly aggressive for this fight; forcing him onto the backfoot right and actively stopping him from mounting any meaningful offence right from the start. Move out quickly, watch where he comes from, and force my way underneath from either under the arms or to the side/corners of the wedge. Shove him back, lift him over, and from there, get shoving and slamming him around. Actively interfere with any attempts to self-right (especially try to flip him onto his back when the arm is down), squash him into the walls to wear down the clock, copy his movements to stop him escaping, keep coming after him constantly, keep him on his back and forced onto the defence, and just generally be relentless.

Don't be reckless, though; even though the clamps don't look massively effective against my bodywork, they can still potentially capture me. So if I'm grabbed at any point, fight back! I've got the torque advantage to both force him back with as long as I have at least two wheels on the ground (head-on) or break myself free by driving over the arms/breaking his grip (side/corner), so don't give up. Likewise, I can also drive close and reverse at the last second to bait him into drawing his attack, then take advantage with ramming and lifting from there. In any case though, aggressive defence to actively prevent him mounting any attacks will be best!

Good luck, Pat!

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