Dystopian Avenger vs Made In Heaven

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Dystopian Avenger vs Made In Heaven

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:28 pm

Italian siren

He's fast, but where is that gonna get him when I can just drive over his plow? :V I mean look at it. On one hand it looks kinda like it's supposed to be ABR on one side, but if you look at the other, it's just a regular wedge with no stoppers. So even if he gets under my side, I have ground clearance and can relatively get away. Said wedge is also static since there's no indication or proof that it's hinged. On top of that, he says the cross is a srimech. How the hell is that gonna right him? Is it RH? FH? 4bar? Double arms? Hell it could be the marking for where the fucking self righting airbag comes out, but I question those self righting capabilities.

Anyways, he's gonna be fast and hard to control, so see if I can keep him in front of me and drive off (and possibly over him) when I can. See if I can catch him off guard by turning at the last second and getting under his static front with my flipper. He also had no clearance underneath, which should make it ideal for me to flip him. Every time he self rights (if possible for him) have him self right on my wedge. Chase him down and steal his aggression points. Bring the fight to him and keep things relatively under control in this match. Let him go flying towards me and watch him fly into the wall as I turn away.

Good luck

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