EGT Round 3: Moon-Rabbit Falconer vs Tringle

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EGT Round 3: Moon-Rabbit Falconer vs Tringle

Post by Trihunter » Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:58 pm

Moon-Rabbit FalconerTringle
Speed: 5Speed: 5
Traction: 3Traction: 3
Torque: 1Torque: 1
Weapon: 13 (effective 14 on hammer)Weapon: 14
Armour: 8Armour: 7
YS hasn't declared so I'll assume they're going with the hammer.

We both hit one another as hard as eachother, and have identical drivetrains. However, I have the better wedge by a considerable margin. Give a swift approach, angling to aim to slip under, then whack at them as much as possible. Each hit does 7 damage if we're hitting the chassis. Perhaps use the hammer as an ersatz FHF, to get them over and whack the squishy underbelly some more. Play aggressive throughout, keep aiming to wedge-break and hammer away. If we get wedged, J-hook a bit to get free before pushing back to get under. Aim for the sides where possible, see what we can smash. This isn't gonna be a long match, try to wrap it up quick in our favour.
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Re: EGT Round 3: Moon-Rabbit Falconer vs Tringle

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:37 pm

Oh fuck i forgot about this, again.
Guess i will bring out the dedicated hammer again, i want all the reach i can get.

Actual RP bellow this:

On paper this is pretty much a mirror match, we both have a 5/3/1 drive and a hammer, even if our weapon and armor stats are different we both deal 5 damage on the other's weapon and 7 everywhere else.
What do i got running in my favor? First of all he has 2WD on the rear of his bot while i have 4 threads spread out. 2WD, specially when NOT on the center of mass, are a bit harder to drive while tank threads get a small control bonus, meaning that i have a small handling advantage, mainly less chances of over steering.
The other thing in my favor is geometry, my hammer mount is on the front part of my bot, meaning that i should be pretty stable when firing my weapon and i get a bit more range. Meanwhile his hammer is mounted on the back of his bot, it will get less reach (my hammer is longer anyways) and should jump a more when firing. This changes if he comes from the back, where he will get more reach but he will be hitting with a sub-optimal weapon shape.
Last thing, i can afford to lose a drive pod, he can't.

This entire fight si coming down to the first hit and Tri knows that. I will see which side he comes facing and whatever he goes straight in or has any fancy tactic. If i see anything that hints any sort of strategy (like moving towards anywhere except to me, waiting, etc) be careful when approaching, otherwise just head straight in.
If he faces me with the back just charge straight in and fire the hammer as soon as i can while landing a hit on my opponent (this works because i should outrange him), after i am sure i landed a hit run away and analyze damages before continuing.
But if he heads with the wedge side, i have a reach advantage BUT the front of his bot doesn't have anything important, so i want to get real close and THEN fire. My hammer should survive a hit and if he hits anywhere else i can still attack. again if we both lose a drive pod i win. If i don't hit the hammer try to get away and start engaging again. Otherwise just keep attacking until the fight is over :V
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