RoBattle Finals HW Week 2: King of the Hill

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RoBattle Finals HW Week 2: King of the Hill

Post by NFX » Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:02 pm

Big wheels, please.

I've the joint best drivetrain here, Heian Alien is too slow to be much concern, and Neuromancer has no ground clearance whatsoever so will likely get beached at some point. Hercules is my main opposition, and I have slightly more ground clearance, so that could help here. Plus an axe to knock the flags down with, meaning I don't have to go completely up the hills, saving time.

Forks will be raised for the entire event, I don't want them digging into the mounds. Head for the flag I share with Heian Alien first, to ensure I don't get shut out. I'm much faster, so should get there first. Fire the axe to knock it down once I'm in reach, it's wide enough that I should be able to hit it. If I miss for some reason, then just drive up the last couple of feet or so to snag it.

Next, reverse toward my solo flag, in order to save time by not having to turn around as much. Drive into this one, the axe obviously won't work since it's on the other side of the machine. :v

For the final flag, get the front end pointed toward it, then gun it straight up the hill. Again, fire the axe to try and knock it down, but this time keep driving forwards to get it in case I miss. Also, I imagine Gourmet will be quite close, so if I miss to the side nearer him, he could instead push my axe into the flag, which would still count as MiDAS having knocked it down. =D

Hopefully that all makes sense, and hopefully I can be wily enough against Hercules to get the edge over him, and therefore the win.

GL the rest!
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Re: RoBattle Finals HW Week 2: King of the Hill

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:20 pm

triangle nose, keep it lifted up and out of the way

uhh... beeline two flags and then hit the black flag? I'm like, a point of speed faster than him and we can both self right so it's not like fighting each other accomplishes much. if he does engage me tho shove him somewhere farther away from one of his flags or something.

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Re: RoBattle Finals HW Week 2: King of the Hill

Post by Trihunter » Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:09 pm

Oh boy.

I'm wedged between two of the fastest bots here. Get moving out, note which are going for which, and go for a split flag that isn't being targeted by either, take care going up the incline so we don't tip over. Once claimed, go for our solo one, then try to claim the black flag. Prioritise not falling over over being fast, there's no point trying to race the others.

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Re: RoBattle Finals HW Week 2: King of the Hill

Post by attackfrog » Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:50 pm

I couldn't be put next to Heian Alien, huh. On the plus side, if the other two are using this same strategy, I should be in good shape.

I'm going to gun it for the red/blue hill first, hoping that MiDAS will have gone to a different one first. I'll grab that flag, head back to my red hill, and then go full speed for the black flag (yarr.) If, for whatever reason, MiDAS snipes the red/blue flag first, I'll head for the red/yellow one as fast as I can and hope I get lucky enough to grab that one and my red one.

Zoom zoom.

GL everyone!
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