The Cherry Bomb Classic IV: Signups

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The Cherry Bomb Classic IV: Signups

Post by The Monsterworks » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:43 pm


Welcome one, welcome all to the 2019-2020 Cherry Bomb Classic, hosted by Elon Musk, in the proud tradition of previous gimmicky sponsors. As with all past iterations, there will also be wacky arenas galore! Don't like it? Run your own major! You will have the chance to vote on which ones will be used, however. Stay tuned for more information and the upcoming poll. Finally, weight classes: we're sticking with four, since ARC has a problem with finishing things: Featherweight, Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. Superheavyweight will be back next time around at the expense of Featherweight.


The Tournament

We're continuing with last year's format. It worked well and the tournament finished without running significantly off-schedule or overburdening writers. The entry cap for each weight class will remain twenty-one robots. You will also have to actually post here and reserve for each of the weight classes that you want to participate in individually, just like last year and in ROBOTS. Further, you are not obligated to enter all four. In fact, we encourage you to ARC in moderation so that you can enjoy your ARCing to the fullest.

In case you've forgotten, here's how it works: you're going to 'hard' reserve up to three bots. Any more than that (the fourth) must be a 'soft' reserve. In the event that a weight class fills up, the soft reserves will be bumped out in reverse order of how they signed up. In the entrant listing below, soft reserves will be indicated through the use of italics. If you wish to switch a bot from hard to soft reserve or vice versa, you may do so once per entry. Please remember to ping me on discord when you do.

Each weight class will consist of three groups of seven bots each, which means that each bot will receive one bye week. The top three bots from each group will qualify for single-elimination playoffs, though the eighth and ninth seeds will will face off first to see who makes it in. Then everything will proceed normally until someone raises the coveted CBC Bowl of Cherries! See? It's not that complicated.



Signups will close at 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 to give us some time to do seedings and brackets (and our customary voice chat), and then the tournament will begin on Sunday, January 19. Due dates for strategies will be the standard Saturday 11:59 PM EST. If you need an extension for whatever reason, ask me a couple of days ahead of time, and I'm not about to be a dick about it.



Saying that you weren't sure about the rules is no excuse for messing up an RP/result/first date. It's all written right over here. It's basically just the standard ruleset that we use for CBC, Thunderground, and Reddit stuff, with some new modifications regarding wedge rules and projectiles. Give it a read if you ever find yourself in a waiting room or at a bus stop. If there's something you don't understand or need clarified (and by 'need clarified', I don't mean 'passive-aggressively' comment on something that you don't like in it), feel free to ask me in discord or on the forums. I also might need to add a few things that we've discussed. Remind me. I'll do it. I swear.



The weird and wonderful arenas are a big part of the Cherry Bomb Classic experience, and they're back again this year, with more options than ever before and some of the balance issues from last year hopefully addressed. This year, we'll have ten of them, as voted upon by you, the community. The arenas will be divided by weight class and each will appear twice, with five for the featherweights and lightweights, and five for the middleweights and heavyweights (the eliminator round will be considered part of the quarterfinals for the purposes of arenas).

In order of when they'll feature, the terrific ten are:

Round One: Razor's Edge (FW/LW) & Black Sun (MW/HW) - weeks 1 and 2
Round Two: Gothiq (FW/LW) & The Woodshed (MW/HW) - weeks 3 and 4
Round Three: Ironworks (FW/LW) & The Noir (MW/HW) - weeks 5 and 6
Round Four: Hall of Ice and Wind (FW/LW) & Stormhavn (MW/HW) - weeks 7 and 8
Round Five: The Asylum (FW/LW) & The Grid (MW/HW) - weeks 9 and 10
Round Six: The Asylum (FW/LW) & The Grid (MW/HW) - weeks 11 and 12
Round Seven: Hall of Ice and Wind (FW/LW) & Stormhavn (MW/HW) - weeks 13 and 14
Eighth Place Eliminators: Ironworks (FW/LW) & The Noir (MW/HW) - week 15
Quarterfinals: Ironworks (FW/LW) & The Noir (MW/HW) - week 16
Semifinals: Gothiq (FW/LW) & The Woodshed (MW/HW) - week 17
Championship: Razor's Edge (FW/LW) & Black Sun (MW/HW) - week 18

With the size of the draw and the available writing staff, the tournament will alternate weeks between lighter weights and heavier weights, so RPing and writing will both be pretty low-burden affairs, with only two fights per week. Assuming that all goes as planned, CBC3 will finish up on May 23, around the time that the new season of Battlebots (and ARC) begins. For further information on the arenas, take a look over here. I highly recommend familiarizing yourselves with them. Using their features wisely has often proven to be the difference between victory and defeat.



Last year, CBC went very smoothly thanks to a large, reasonably-worked, and enthusiastic staff. I think we'd all love a repeat of that this year, so our threshold is ten. Thankfully, we've reached it with ease. I'd like to thank the twelve who've volunteered and remind any others who are thinking of doing so that we could always use more!

Writers and the other people who volunteer are the engines that run these events. If you can participate, you can also pitch in to make this work for all of us. The more writers that there are, the faster that results get posted and the less that each writer has to do. Writing isn't just work, either. Joining the staff allows you input into decisions, ensures that your concerns will be heard, and helps you see how this is working. It'll also make me like you.

The staff we have so far are:

1) The Monsterworks (The Monsterworks)
2) Hooray For Lexan (Team Instant Regret)
3) Madman (Tartarus Robotics Group)
4) Trihunter (Cool Story Brobotics)
5) YSMQTHLQYH (Team Design Flaw)
6) The_Angry_Goat (Interrobang Robotics)
7) Shaba 117 (Team Stealth Productions)
8) V900 (End of the Line LLC.)
9) Tcrrr (Code Pink Robotics)
10) Billy5545 (Team Eagle Robotics)
11) Carpedav000 (Team Rinzler)
12) This could be you!
13) Aren't you lucky!
14) This spot has your name on it!
15) Your name would look real nice here...
16) Hey hey hey!
17) It's yours if you'd only ask.
18) Last is not least!


Official Brackets and Entrant Listing

  1. The Monsterworks: Finishing Move
  2. Code Pink Robotics: Puffy Cloud
  3. Team Ignition: Black Salvo
  4. Team Riptide: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tanto
  5. Team Ether: Chinesium II
  6. Cool Story Brobotics: Gas Gas Gas
  7. Team Design Flaw: Vindicator
  8. Aquatic Robotics: Lil' Yeetums
  9. Team C/D: (withdrawn)
  10. Team 57: Nikkousen
  11. Team Stealth Robotics: (withdrawn)
  12. Tartarus Robotics Group: Black Dog III
  13. End of the Line LLC.: Untitled Goose Robot
  14. Team Instant Regret: Ori
  15. Ice Cubed Robotics: Taipan
  16. Team Rinzler: Wasp 2
  17. Killjoy Syndicate: CIRCUITZ
  18. Team Eagle Robotics: Angry Bird: Seed Killer Gen II
  19. Alpha Robotics: NRG II
  20. Team British Robotics: Irritant
  21. Team Cardboard Pony: gabrial
  22. Team Goober: Mass Destruction
Waiting List

  1. The Monsterworks: Magnolia Pico
  2. Code Pink Robotics: Boring Grey Wedge
  3. Team Ignition: Shade Fist
  4. Team Riptide: Mastodonosaurus
  5. Team Ether: National Security
  6. Cool Story Brobotics: Scrapper
  7. Team Design Flaw: Apeirogon
  8. Aquatic Robotics: Bluetooth
  9. Team C/D: King Crimson
  10. Team Stealth Robotics: (withdrawn)
  11. Team Worst Swordsman: Trilobite
  12. Tartarus Robotics Group: Blood Eagle
  13. Interrobang Robotics: Broken Tooth
  14. End of the Line LLC.: Final Mecha Catbot
  15. Team Instant Regret: (no entry)
  16. Ice Cubed Robotics: TSA 2.1
  17. Team Rinzler: Golden MADD 2
  18. Team Eagle Robotics: Eagle's Hawk
  19. Alpha Robotics: 25 of 6 to 4
  20. Team Cardboard Pony: wheelosaurous
  21. Team Goober: Diamond Head
  22. Team British Robotics: Fork Factor
  23. Team Hop: Voltaic

Waiting List

  1. The Monsterworks: Magnolia Grande
  2. Code Pink Robotics: Pizza 2
  3. Team Ignition: Unnamed & Untamed
  4. Team Riptide: The Act of Being Polite
  5. Team Ether (no entry)
  6. Cool Story Brobotics: Tower of Gray
  7. Team Design Flaw: Pressure Flop II
  8. Aquatic Robotics: Carapace
  9. Team C/D: Spinnerfood: Bites the Dust
  10. Team 57: Remi 4
  11. Team Stealth Robotics: (withdrew)
  12. Team Worst Swordsman: Dragonfist
  13. Tartarus Robotics Group: Hoarfrost IV
  14. Interrobang Robotics: Space Bee
  15. End of the Line LLC.: Acrid
  16. Team Instant Regret: Skoll
  17. Ice Cubed Robotics: Paradox
  18. Team Rinzler: (no entry)
  19. Killjoy Syndicate: Momma Bear
  20. Team British Robotics: V-Trigger
  21. Alpha Robotics: Diablo Genesis III
  22. Team Cardboard Pony: lillyfrog & jack hammer
Waiting List

  1. The Monsterworks: Glacier III
  2. Code Pink Robotics: Swamp Thing
  3. Team Ignition: Electro-Death
  4. Team Riptide: Xtreme pneumatiX
  5. Team Ether: Icebreaker
  6. Cool Story Brobotics: Petaflare
  7. Team Design Flaw: Padoru Machina
  8. Team C/D: Killer Queen
  9. Team 57: Fork Bomb
  10. Team Stealth Robotics: Kill em All
  11. Team Worst Swordsman: Tabor Mark 4
  12. Tartarus Robotics Group: Santangelo
  13. Interrobang Robotics: The No Fun Machine
  14. End of the Line LLC.: linkinparknumb.mp3.exe
  15. Team Instant Regret: Defenstrator
  16. Ice Cubed Robotics: Dreadnought Mk. 4
  17. Team Rinzler: FusterCluck
  18. Nighthawk Robotics: Long Arm of the Law
  19. Team British Robotics: Wallop
  20. Alpha Robotics: Outrage 3
  21. Team Cardboard Pony: pink wedge 2020
Waiting List
  1. Aquatic Robotics: Dat Boi

Well, ladies and gents, That's about all there is to say. I mean, if you have more, you can check out our discussion thread. Otherwise, get in there and kick some ass!

On behalf of all of our staff,
Alex (The Monsterworks)


Mastodon... Extinction (HW)
Osiris... Armageddon! (MW)
Elrathia... ROBOTS (LW)
Magnolia Pico... Ruination 4 (MW)
RipTide... ROBOT2 (FW)
Black Diamond... Cherry Bomb Classic 3 (HW)
Abyss... ROBOTS 3 (MW)

The Monsterworks: 214-57 (.790) ...Probably up to no good.
Cherry Bomb Classic IV: 25-4
Finishing Move: 6-2
Magnolia Pico: 6-1
Magnolia Grande: 6-1
Glacier III: 7-0
ROBOTS 3: 21-6
Sixpounder: 3-4
MADSCIENCE: 9-1 Champion!
Abyss: 9-1 Champion!

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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by The Monsterworks » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:46 pm

Hard Reserving HW, MW, and LW. Soft Reserving FW. Entries to come soon.

FW: Finishing Move

Finishing Move by Floating Castle Robotics on Sketchfab

Test your might against this Whiplash-style vertical spinner. In case you were wondering:

1) Wedges are removable and hinged and have a fair bit of travel, but not enough that they're in any danger of folding up underneath or otherwise stranding the bot.

2) The arm is not a lifter. It's a burst system. That means that it's not adjustable and can't be pressed. It can only travel (quite quickly) from its start point to its end point, and back.

3) Can easily self-right.

4) Will not self-KO.

Stats: 8 Speed // 7 Traction // 1 Torque // 11 Weapon // 3 Armour - 3 weapon armour / 1 flipping arm

LW: Magnolia Pico

Magnolia Pico by Floating Castle Robotics on Sketchfab

The hammer is double-sided, with one end (the top of the skull) being blunt, and the other (the 'thorn') being sharpened. These can be inverted before any fight. There is also an ABR plow on limited hinges in the front that can be pressed into the ground by having the bot extend its rear pair of legs, effectively making it a 2WD wedge with a walker's weight behind it. This is to ensure that nothing will be able to get under Magnolia Pico head-to-head unless that's what I want. Optional wedge teeth are also on limited hinges. Can be fixed in place or removed.

As for its walking mechanism, Magnolia Pico's system aims to improve upon, at once, the realism, mobility, and legitimacy of previous mechanisms. Each leg has three joints: the lowest has a 90 degree range of motion along the x-axis (left-right when viewed front-on), the middle one rotates 90 degrees along the z-axis, and the upper one, where the leg pod meets the body, rotates 90 degrees along the x-axis. Its primary walking motion involves the lower portions of individual legs swinging outwards while the upper portions rotate forward through ~90 degrees. The overall effect is a wave/undulating motion not dissimilar to that employed by centipedes. Its secondary walking motion involves shuffling to the side with a crablike motion. Its tertiary motion involves the lower joint of each individual leg swinging all of the way out and the upper joint going through 90 degrees so that the middle joint's aperture is directly facing the floor. This effectively allows Magnolia Pico to straighten its legs and 'stand', drastically increasing its ground clearance at the cost of making its gait much less effective. It can straighten any individual pair if necessary, particular for the purpose of pressing its wedge should that prove necessary in this meta.

This robot is able to self-right easily using its hammer, which is mounted on a platform so that it can swing down at opponents and hopefully over any anti-hammer defenses they may be utilizing. Additionally, Magnolia Pico has been designed with ample ground clearance so that it can scuttle off of wedges.


In the first of its two alternative configurations, it becomes Magnolia Magnifico: an 8 power turret flipper, also benefiting from weapon armour on the flipper, to give it a nice, meaty, 13 armour plow.

Hammer Configs

Stats: 4 Speed // 2 Traction // 1 Torque // 16 Weapon // 9 Armour

Stats: 4 Speed // 2 Traction // 1 Torque // 15 Weapon // 10 Armour (+1 hammer)

Stats: 4 Speed // 2 Traction // 1 Torque // 14 Weapon // 11 Armour (+2 plow)

Flipper Config (off-config)

Stats: 4 Speed // 2 Traction // 1 Torque // 14 Weapon // 9 Armour

MW: Magnolia Grande II

Magnolia Grande II by Floating Castle Robotics on Sketchfab

The first serious evolution of The Monsterworks' 'other' horizontal spinner, this big, bad, meaty undercutter is themed after an early WWII era bomber, with a dieselpunk aesthetic and a functional ICE with the fuel pump, dry sump, etc. setup required to run inverted if necessary. Its exhaust pipes are fully functional, howl like a demonic legion under full throttle, and will occasionally spit flames when accelerating to especially high revs.

The ICE setup isn't just for looks, theme, and sound, however. Sloped plows designed to deflect blows from horizontal spinners as opposed to absorbing them are everywhere, and they work. HS basically never get corner damage anymore. So I'm taking advantage of the unique power curve of internal combustion-powered blades. It's a far more pronounced 'S' curve than that of electric motors. They tend to stay longer in low revs, accelerate faster and more suddenly, and stay longer in high revs, close to full power. Basically, big, meaty hits will knock an ICE-powered blade into low revs, but it should recover very quickly from the type of glancing blows that are the norm with most plows, allowing it to keep its speed better and continue to dish out hits. While other spinners struggle, Grande will continues to chip away at those plows, creating openings and gradually scoring corner damage that they won't be able to stand up to for long.

In terms of further innovations, this iteration of Magnolia Grande is more properly invertible than the last, with its dual-pronged 'figurehead' adjustable in height (and removable) and larger and smaller tires available to allow its mighty weapon the option of sneaking over low-slung plows while in overcutter mode or still being able to hit low-profile opponents if flipped. Further complicating matters for the other guys are the (again, removable) upward-facing teeth on its blade (yes, they clear its bodywork with room to spare), which allow it a superior grip on their clamps, overhead weapons, and the edges of their plows.

Stats: 4 Speed // 2 Traction // 1 Torque // 16 Weapon // 7 Armour

Stats: 4 Speed // 2 Traction // 1 Torque // 15 Weapon // 8 Armour (+1 blade)

HW: Glacier III

Glacier III by Floating Castle Robotics on Sketchfab

Something something grim and frostbitten, intimidating, majestically menacing and forbidding. You get the idea! It's... Glacier!

The ultimate Monsterworks stupidass 16+ power murderspinner is back for its third and most ridiculous iteration! Cower in fear, mortals, or something resembling that. Definitely has a shot at winning REDDIT 2 if it ever finishes fucking DESTROYING HELLHOUND TO PIECES!!!!!1!!11!1!!!!1one!1!!!!!11!!!1!

Walking ring spinner. Has a 360 lifter with two arms that can both rotate all of the way around the bot. They can only move at the same time as a bevel gear powers both. Think of them as opening and closing like a book even though they won't actually meet at any point. Also both are removable and can be replaced with a stronger weapon motor and some armour. The bot is fully invertible and can both strafe and vary its height as well as lift some of its legs if need be.

The weapon itself is pretty self-explanatory and there are a few different stat options.

Main Config (Lifter) Stats: 1 Speed // 1 Traction // 1 Torque // 18 Weapon (+2 lifter) // 11 Armour

Off Config (No Lifter) Stats: 1 Speed // 1 Traction // 1 Torque // 16 Weapon // 11 Armour

All Entries not present
Mastodon... Extinction (HW)
Osiris... Armageddon! (MW)
Elrathia... ROBOTS (LW)
Magnolia Pico... Ruination 4 (MW)
RipTide... ROBOT2 (FW)
Black Diamond... Cherry Bomb Classic 3 (HW)
Abyss... ROBOTS 3 (MW)

The Monsterworks: 214-57 (.790) ...Probably up to no good.
Cherry Bomb Classic IV: 25-4
Finishing Move: 6-2
Magnolia Pico: 6-1
Magnolia Grande: 6-1
Glacier III: 7-0
ROBOTS 3: 21-6
Sixpounder: 3-4
MADSCIENCE: 9-1 Champion!
Abyss: 9-1 Champion!

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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Tcrrr » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:46 pm

FW (Soft Reserved)- Puffy Cloud
Puffy_Cloud_9.png (491.26 KiB) Viewed 4527 times
Puffy_Cloud_8.png (261.01 KiB) Viewed 4527 times
Puffy_Cloud_10.png (395.22 KiB) Viewed 4527 times

Normal: 8/7/2/4 (3 arm/3 saw)/9
Anti HS: 8/7/2/2 (1 arm//1 saw) 11 (+2 wedge)

LW (Hard Reserved)- Boring Gray Wedge
8/7/4/0/11 (+2 wedge)
The wedge is hinged btw and the forks are removable, I'm not entering anything 4wd with a static wedge lol


MW (Hard Reserved)- Pizza 2


HW (Hard Reserved)- Swamp Thing


Normal: 7/6/2/6/9
Anti HS: 7/6/2/4/11 (+2 flipper)
Anti VS: 7/6/2/5/10 (+1 forks)

(Btw the forks are hinged, and the flat wedge is static)

(Btw for stats I'm using the normal speed/traction/torque/weapon/armor layout)

Puffy Cloud: Entry is Approved. However, you will not receive any bonus for your saw arm as weapon power is under five. Please specify weapon split between saw and arm.
Boring Gray Wedge: Entry is Approved
Pizza 2: Entry is Approved
Swamp Thing: Entry is Approved
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Team Code Pink Robotics: are we good yet?

Record of failures and successes
CBC: TT 2-4
Pizza 2-4
Shadow 0-6
Star Spangled 1-6
Hurricane 0-7
Shadow 2-5
Pizza: 2-1
TT: 0-0
Convict: 1-1
8wot: 2-0
NFL: Mr John: 1-0
Puffy Cloud: 1-1
BGW: 1-2
Pizza 2: 2-1
Swamp Thing: 1-2
Erratic: 0-0
Shadow Mk 7: 0-0
Overall record: 18-49, 27% chance of winning, better than 12% by far!
could be better

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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Badnik96 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:49 pm

Team Ignition

Featherweight: Black Salvo

it's a wedge! three different wedges: anti-spinner d2 thing, cool boy underall wedges, and some weird-ass huge catcher thing. also a hammer blocker
9/8/3/0/10(+2 wedge)

Lightweight: Shade Fist
2wd drum spinner. Invertible, drum can reverse. The wedgelets are removable.


Middleweight: Unnamed & Untamed
Bounty Hunter type flipper thing. Can self-right. Fork wedges are hinged about ten degrees downwards, so they ride the floor but can't get caught underneath the robot. They are removable.

7/6/2/5/10(+2 front wedges and side bits)

Heavyweight: Electro-Death
4WD vertical drum spinner. Lifting arms running off the same system flanking the drum, in the vein of Endless Clowns. The arms are designed to ride the floor as hinged wedges and can press about 2 degrees downwards into the floor. It can self-right with the arms. Can swap the arms out with one big ABR plow arm that can also right the robot. In this config, one of the two weapon motors is removed to keep the weight down. Rear wheels hang out the back, front wheels are sitting under the wedges.

Main config: 8/6/1/10/5
Anti-spinner config: 8/6/1/7 (5 spinner/5 lifter)/8(+3 wedge)
Team Ignition
Redline: Robot Bastards 1 LW champ
Pyrite: FRR Backlash LW champ
The Debilitator: Cherry Bomb Classic 1 LW champ
Sling Shot: Bot O' Rama 2016 Sportsman champ
Doomerang: Robot Fight Night HW champ

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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Botomatic1000 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:53 pm

Team Riptide: Advanced Robot Combat
Featherweight: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tanto
Big Friggin Wedgelets option
Big Friggin Wedge option(s)
Speed: 8 Traction: 7 Torque: 3 Weapon: 0 Armour: 12
Two-wheel drive Pushy Bot with buckets of drive! It comes with interchangeable front end set-ups, one being the big Tanto style Wedgelets and the other being a big ol’ wedge with removable Wedgelets. Not only that but it also comes with interchangeable stopper options for the top and bottom, one option being Four light stoppers like the real Tanto and the other being Two heavy-duty stoppers, a bit like Goosfraba Steel’s.

Lightweight: Mastodonsaurus
Belt-driven horizontal bar spinner I made like three years ago, felt as if it deserved to enter something.
Speed: 4 Traction: 2 Torque: 1 Weapon: 16 Armour: 7
Middleweight: The Act Of Being Polite
Speed: 4 Traction: 2 Torque: 1 Weapon: 16 Armour: 7
Woo, The Residents reference bot! Basic Two-wheel drive Undercutter with an internally belt-driven bar and a little dome-piece thing on said bar like Texas Twister has. The little black metal nub on the top of the bulkhead is removable so it can be ran either as an angled spinner without it or an Overcutter with it. Those black bits are just painted on, they are not removable teeth so they shouldn't fly off. The weapon should get a +4 armour bonus because it's shorter than the wheelbase and doesn't make over a third of the mass
Heavyweight: Xtreme pneumatiX
Long Wedgelet option
Many Wedgelets option
Speed: 7 Traction: 6 Torque: 2 Weapon: 3 Armour: 12
Two-wheel driven LP-Pneumatic flipping arm (only the black and white bit is the arm). The drive isn’t too torquey so it shouldn’t wheelie and it doesn’t have much room to wheelie anyway with the guard on the back. Is invertible thanks to the stopper ‘horns’ on top and also has stopper eyes like it’s little brother. The flag is purely for decoration and it will come off easily. The Flipping-Arm has around about Fourty-degrees of travel.
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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Superbomb122 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:58 pm

FW: Chinesium II (Hard Reserve)

Chinesium is back in action!. Run of the mill undercutter with a rebuilt design. This should hopefully do a little better than it did in Thunderground

LW: National Security (Soft Reserve)

A 5WD melty is not my first choice for entering a tourney, but screw it I'm entering the entire Pentagon into a LW competition.

HW: Icebreaker (Hard Reserve)

And I finally have a non-damaging bot on the roster. Wedges are obviously hinged. Normal and Anti-HS configs present, assume I'm using Normal unless you have a competent HS.
Normal: 7/5/1/6/11
Anti-HS: 7/5/1/5/12(+1 wedge)

All Entries Approved
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Team ETHER 12-11
CBC: 9-9

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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Trihunter » Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:03 pm

Soft reserve FW, Hard reserve all other classes.

FW: Gas Gas Gas



Gas, gas, gas!
I'm gonna step on the gas
Tonight I'll fly and be your lover
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I'll be so quick as a flash
And I'll be your hero
Gas, gas, gas!
I'm gonna run as a flash
Tonight I'll fight to be the winner
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I'm gonna step on the gas
And you'll see the big show!

Speed: 10 / Traction: 10 / Torque: 3 / Weapon: 3 / Armour: 4

A speedy as fuck drift queen, Gas Gas Gas is packing an electric lifter, car-style drive at the front and omniwheels at the rear for maximum dorifto potential.

LW: Scrapper



You'll need to organize to bring this thing down. But don't even THINK about starting a union!

Speed: 4 / Traction: 2 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 16 / Armour: 7

The next Grizzco themed bot, and it's a fuckhuge drum! Nothing too fancy to say here, aside from it being invertable and having a backup wedge, just in case.

MW: Tower Of Gray




I'm planning on doing one hell of a MASSACRE!

Standard Config: Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 9 (5 Lifter / 5 Grabber / 5 Puncher) / Armour: 7
Plow Config: Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 7 (5 Lifter / 5 Puncher) / Armour: 9 (+2 wedge)

A 4WD lifter-grabber-puncher, built for KO by OotA in any ring you can throw it in. Nimble and efficient, it can run hinged front wedges or a beefier, shock-mounted plow for feistier opponents.

HW: Petaflare

Standard config


Nuclear Heat Visor Mk. IV


Two-Headed Death Raven Mk. II


Primary configs: Speed: 5 / Traction: 4 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 13 (12 Crusher, 1 srimech) / Armour: 6 (Effective 10 on crusher & wedge) / 0-Point Spark Cannons: 66 (64 in non-standard configs)

NHV config: Weapon: 11 (10 Crusher, 1 Srimech) / Armour: 8 (+2 wedge) (Effective 10 on crusher, 14 on wedge)


Armour bonus is applied to the green part of the front wedge, as well as the blue parts of the Nuclear Heat Visor config.

The nuke birb is back once more. Points of note include limited-hinged dampened wings in the primary config, a new Quantum-inspired NHV revision, and a dampened Two-Headed Death Flamingo inspired config, featuring enormous dampened hinged wings to help control the opposition, as well as the good old klaxon and shitload of spark cannons that fire when crushing.
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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:08 pm

Dang it lost the first post, special thanks to my mom for asking me to do a 10 minute thing just in the perfect moment to miss the post going live, hour of refreshing the page going wasted >:V

Reserving for all.
Soft MW

FW: Vindicator
Sketchfab model
Boring 4WD wedge with a really strong drivetrain, the wedgelets are clearly hinged and i have different sets of wedges. The default wedge setup has a few wedgelets replaced by "claws" that just make a great shape to push an opponent with and can also work as wedgelets if somehow that were to happen.
All wedges are symmetrical and thus work inverted. The spoiler on the back is made out of thin plastic and is designed to break off the instant any force is applied to it, letting the bot run inverted.(Think of Sharkoprion's fin, kinda like that)(It's also removable)
I have a totally well though out mechanism that stops the wedgelets from getting under the bot with angle-limiting magic i guess.
More Images
Another angle
Pure wedgelets (no claws)
Flat wedge
  • Speed: 9
  • Traction: 9
  • Torque: 7
  • Weapon: 0
  • Armor: 5

LW: Apeirogon
Sketchfab model
More pictures
Arm up
Regular wheels
Top view
High armor symmetrical bar
Forks on the lifter removed.
4WD single-tooth vertical bar spinner, it also has the option to use mecanums for extra mobility and the weapon is mounted on a lifting arm.
The bot also has hinged wedges on the front (removable of course) and a hinged plow on the back (also removable, might make it swap-able with forks later).
The bot can also act as a chopsaw if engaging from the back thanks to the lifting arm. The forks on the arm are also removable.

  • Speed: 5
  • Traction: 3
  • Torque: 1
  • Weapon: 13
  • Armor: 8
Out of the 4 weapon armor bonus points, 3 go to the lifter and only one to the armor, for an effective 3 point arm and 9 weapon armor.

Alt config
  • Weapon: 12
  • Armor: 9(+1 weapon)
This actually changes the bar for a slightly different looking symmetrical bar
The weapon armor split here is 1 points to the lifter and 3 for weapon armor (for a total of 13)

Am i allowed to chose before each fight mecanums or normal wheels? i guess so, pretty sure somebody did it in Thunder Underground.
MW: Pressure Flop II
Sketchfab model
Shuffling turret hammer, the shell looking thing is a turret. It is mounted like a normal turret but also has rollers on the sides (like in a ring spinnner) for additional support.
The hammer is pneumatic, i have the option to fire it at half power, mainly for retracting it and for self righting.
See the three things around the turret that kinda look like hinged wedges, they can work as such but their main purpose is to use them as contact points to allow me to get away from a bot under me using the turret, should be rather intuitive how they work.
More images
High armor plow
(Hinged btw)
  • Speed: 3
  • Traction: 1
  • Torque: 1
Hammer config:
  • Weapon: 19(15 Hammer / 4 Turret)
  • Armor: 7
Turret config:
  • Weapon: 19(14 Hammer / 5 Turret)
  • Armor: 7
Armor config:
  • Weapon: 17(15 Hammer / 2 Turret)
  • Armor: 9(+2 plow)

HW: Padoru Machina
Sketchfab model
Compact 2WD vertical spinner, not only i am surprised i managed to make this entire thing in one day, but it beats all of my other robots in a way because it looks like something that could actually be made IRL.
Oh look, more images!
Proof that the robot drives inverted. Self rights by ramming into a wall with the spinner as you might expect
I also have a high armor config that swaps out the spinner with a thinner one to make weight for heavier front armor.
Images of it
Might make an anti hammer
  • Speed: 9
  • Traction: 7
  • Torque: 1
  • Weapon: 5
  • Armor: 8
Armor config
  • Weapon: 3
  • Armor: 10(+2 wedge)
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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by attackfrog » Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:39 pm

Oh shit, waddup? Aquatic Robotics presents a new trio quartet of robots for the new decade.

Featherweight: Lil' Yeetums

6 Speed / 4 Traction / 1 Torque / 10 Weapon / 9 Armor
Sketchfab Render
Hint: try looking underneath!

Lil' Yeetums by attackfrog on Sketchfab
Config 1: ForksConfig 2: Plow
Image Image

A chonky rear-hinged flipper. She's got a weird and unlikely to work IRL unique flipper mechanism: it's magnetic, not pneumatic or spring-powered. A bank of capacitors builds up a large amount of electrical charge, which is then sent through a large electromagnet that repels another magnet attached to the flipper arm with a lot of force. The arm is then spring-loaded to return to its resting state, and in its resting state it's held in place (in a ground-scraping position) by magnetic attraction. If I fire the flipper while the capacitor bank isn't fully charged, it results in a lower-power flip.

Lil' Yeetums has two configurations, but both have the same stats.

Lightweight: Bluetooth

3 Speed / 2 Traction / 1 Torque / 16 Weapon / 8 Armor
Sketchfab Render
Main Config: Short Bar
Alt Config 1: Long BarAlt Config 2: Flails
Image Image

A horizontal spinner (not Alex's wacky side-hammer thing.) It's 4WD and invertible, unless it's using one of its alternate bars (pictured above.) It's here to wirelessly transmit kinetic energy to your robot's chassis.

Middleweight: Carapace

5 Speed / 3 Traction / 1 Torque / 13 Weapon / 8 Armor
Alt: 5 Speed / 3 Traction / 1 Torque / 11 Weapon / 10 Armor (+2 Pontoons)
Sketchfab Render

A big pointy weapon on a stick, with a robot attached. The robot is 2WD, the pointy weapon is a hammer, the wedgelets in the middle are hinged.

Heavyweight: Dat Boi

10 Speed / 8 Traction / 6 Torque / 0 Weapon / 6 Armor
Sketchfab Render

Oh lawd, he comin'.

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Frogbot 2000: ROBOT2 Middleweight Champion!
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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by hide » Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:49 pm

Hard reserve LW, MW and HW

My LW and HW both have removable forks.

The rusted chains of prison moons
Are shattered by the sun
I walk a road horizons change
The tournament's begun
The purple piper plays his tune
The choir softly sing
Three lullabies in an ancient tongue
For the court of the crimson king

Armor config: 7/6/4/1/11, +2 wedge
Flipper config: 7/6/4/3/9

Steve walks warily down the street
With the brim pulled way down low
Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet,
Machine guns ready to go
Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this?
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?
Out of the doorway the bullets rip
To the sound of the beat
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you, too
Another one bites the dust



She's a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind

6/5/1/7/11, +2 flipper
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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Hiicantpk » Wed Dec 11, 2019 5:01 pm

FW: Nikkousen

You get this again because I have no idea when Reckoning: Evolution is ending.
Nikkousen is a symmetrical 2wd rear-hinged flipper multibot. The dark coloured one is Sōryū and the white one is Hiryū. The wedgelets shown on Sōryū are removable and can be put on both bots, one or none at will. The flipper plate is the large blueish rectangle on the bot if it wasn't obvious. The options for the wedgelets are Outside two, Inside two, all four or none.

Speed: 7
Traction: 5
Torque: 1
Weapon: 2
Armour: 9

MW: Remi 4

I'm bringing this back because I really CBA to make anything new atm. Trying a new statline that probably won't work.
Tread drive drum spinner with a lower lip wedge that is hinged and removable if need be. The unpowered wheels above the weapon let Remi drive either way around.

Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 1
Weapon: 5
Armour: 11

HW: Fork Bomb

No Plow
Hammer saw, this time with a less dumb weapon arm shape that will actually allow me to hit things. I also removed the wedgelets sitting out the back of the main body. Removable plow etc.

Speed: 5
Traction: 4
Torque: 1
Weapon: 13
Armour: 7
(3 Weapon armour points transfered into the arm, 1 weapon armour left for the disc)
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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Shaba117 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 5:27 pm

***EDIT*** Adding LW to replace Voltaic

LW: The Thieving Magpie

2WD rear-hinged pneumatic flipper



7/7/1/5/10 (bottom half of flipper for weapon armor bonus)


Random ARC'er: "Whoa, hey, where's Death M....?"
Me: "Oh, just sulking in the corner of the workshop because the bricks were beating up on it in the last tournament" :P
"Don't worry, it'll be back, though"

In the's another bot out for blood!

KILL EM ALL Rev C by Shaba117 on Sketchfab

Anti-HS plow config

5/4/1/10/10 (+2 plow)


Also a forked config with a more powerful hammer.


Plow/forks are hinged and hammer is capable of self-righting

Will also write
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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Madman » Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:13 pm

Tartarus Robotics Group: In like sin.

Featherweight: Black Dog III

6/4/1/14/5 (+1 drum)

Black Dog III by Floating Castle Robotics on Sketchfab

Same Dog, but with added side drum goodness. The drum is also now reversible, so that I can run Black Dog upside-down. It's invertible and doesn't have wedgelets, upside-down, making it better against HS. Here to bitchslap you and win another title or die trying.

Lightweight: Blood Eagle

4/2/1/16/7 -or- 4/2/1/15/8 (+1 weapon)

Blood Eagle by Floating Castle Robotics on Sketchfab

It's an undercutter. What else would it be? Tons of reach, can run as an overcutter, bar sweeps low, can't be high-ended. You know the drill.

MW: Hoarfrost IV (soft)

8/7/3/3/9 -or- 8/7/3/1/11(+2 plow)

Hoarfrost IV by Floating Castle Robotics on Sketchfab

Hoarfrost is back, but it's been reworked inside to be a flamp like Donald Hutson's thing on Battlebots. The three pictures represent three configurations. One's an anti-HUGE/anti-overhead. All of its wedgelets are optional. They can be bolted secure or on a limited hinge.

Heavyweight: Santangelo

8/7/2/1/12 -or- 8/7/2/0/13 (+1 plow)

Santangelo by Floating Castle Robotics on Sketchfab

The defending champ is back, but its division is kinda missing, so it's been moved to HW. It also now sports the same anti-HUGE/anti-overhead option that its smaller cousin, Hoarfrost, does. Not drawing it again. It's literally a reskin. All of its wedgelets are optional. They can be bolted secure or on a limited hinge.

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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by Archangel » Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:24 pm

Reserving LW/MW/HW

Lightweight: Broken Tooth


vert-side (FRONT) options: forks, flat wedge.
wedge-side (REAR) options: wedge, no wedge.

arm functions as a flipper: images show it at rest and at full extension. yes I shamelessly stole this from you alex.

Speed: 6 / Traction: 4 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 13 (1 to arm OR 1 of weapon armor bonus to arm) / Armor: 6 (+2 weapon assembly)
OR: Speed: 6 / Traction: 4 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 10 (1 of weapon armor bonus to arm) / Armor: 9 (+3 front wedge)

Middleweight: Space Bee


CONFIGS (in order of appearance): Shield, forks, long long duck, wedge

Speed: 8
Traction: 6
Torque: 2
Weapon: 0
Armor: 14

Heavyweight: The No Fun Machine (aka Glass Cannon XL)


CONFIGS (in order of appearance): reach, normal, dragonfist

Speed: 3
Traction: 1
Torque: 1
Weapon: 16
Armor: 9

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Re: The Cherry Bomb Classic IV

Post by V900 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:37 pm


reserving LW-HW, soft reserving FW

Untitled Goose Robot


It's a goose. In robot form.

As such, it's designed to be as annoying as I can possibly make it. You got under the hinged wedge? Static chassis wedge right behind that. You got under that one too? Guess you've gotta contend with the side clamps and 5 torque then, bud.

Side clamps function independent of one another and are hinged 45 degrees each in both directions. The wedgelets are also hinged 45 degrees in both directions.
Plow is wedged 30 degrees in both directions. Yes, the neck attachment also receives the armor bonus.

It's also got a "poop chute" in the back that can dispense a few turds on the arena floor during each match. This does not affect the opponent in any form.

Speed: 6
Torque: 5
Traction: 6
Armor: 9
Weapon: 4 (3/3 hinged side clamps)

"nope i have 17 armor i win bye bye" config
Armor: 13 (+4 plow)
Weapon: 0

Final Mecha Catbot


Speed: 9
Torque: 2
Traction: 8
Armor: 9
Weapon: 2 (flipper)

Armor: 11 (+2 plow)
Weapon: 0

Has lots of armor and boasts the (second) fastest speed in the entire bracket. Where we're going, we don't need torque. 2 should be juuust enough to push deathspinners around, though.

The 11+2 plow is hinged 10 degrees in each direction.

Also does the Hoarfrost thing where it's wedge works even inverted. (NOTE: INSERT PROOF THAT IT WORKS HERE).



Speed: 7
Torque: 3
Traction: 5
Armor: 9
Weapon: 6 (saw)

Armor: 10 (+1 plow)
Weapon: 5 (lifter)

Everyone's favorite crocodile-dog is here to flop around and give your robot AIDS.

Wedge on the saw configuration is hinged 90 degrees in both directions. Saw arm can rotate up to 90 degrees in both directions.
Plow on the secondary configuration can rotate 360 degrees.

It's 4 (four) eyes have bright green LEDs in them that can glow in darker environments. Saw applies a green paint smear on the opponent. Might or might not make a mockup of these. We'll see if I can do so before the deadline.



Speed: 5
Torque: 1
Traction: 3
Armor: 7
Weapon: 14

Armor: 10 (+3 front)
Weapon: 11


$TARGET_USER, You have been selected for a free ARC Gold[tm] account free working no virus 2020 , click here to claim your prize :)

Now that flails have actual rules behind them, I can slap these bad boys on literally whatever I want.

Whenever the hammer swings, the hammerhead will hit first, then the flail soon after. This effectively means that the hammer can hit twice per swing. The hammer itself has a +1 damage bonus by virtue of being a hammer, but the flail portion receives a -1 damage debuff to cancel it out.

Plows are removable if using the 7/14 setup, doing so tilts the center of balance back toward the rear wedges. They are NOT removable when using the 10+3/11 setup, however.
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